A pre-poo is a treatment done to protect the hair against shampoo’s stripping nature on wash day. In simple terms it is an oil treatment done prior to shampooing hair. It is very important to do this treatment before shampooing hair because it acts as a film or shield protecting your hair from the dryness […]

I have always been proud of my culture and will always carry it with me everywhere i go. It’s the only way i know how to be me. It’s my identity. Engraved in my heart, expressed through the clothes i wear, the colorful prints and fabrics of my country, the beads around my wrists and […]

A wash n go is a staple style in every naturalistsa’s hair styling kit. It is consists of washing the hair and apply curling cream or gel to the hair strands to define the curls. In my own personal opinion, curls come out more defined using the shingling method. However, if you don’t want the […]

I love nudes. I love the fact that it tones down any type of make up. Which means it gives some kind of balance to a makeup and it is a great choice for an everyday makeup wear. I might be late on a lot of make up products. Maybe because i don’t consider myself […]

Most women have red as their favourite colour. How do i feel about this colour? Its a pretty colour. A passionate, intense and bold colour. It literally says “I am here”. I may not totally love this  colour but throwing in a bit of red here and there isn’t that bad. It possesses the power […]

Ayilo or Shile is not a new product in Ghana and in most parts of Africa. In fact, clay eating in Ghana and Africa has always been very popular but what most of we Ghanaians and Africans don’t know about this clay is its detoxifying and cleansing power. Rich in minerals, Ayilo absorbs impurities and […]

The human hair is made up of approximately 70%-95% proteins which are basically condensation polymers of amino acids. Because hair is made of mainly of proteins, it is only normal that proteins are used to treat hair for damages that the hair might have subjected to due to harsh treatments such as chemical bleaches and […]

I have always kept a dyed hair and have never cared about my hair breaking as a consequence of doing that. In fact, I never really saw the breakage. Therefore, I couldn’t understand what people meant when they said their hair experienced breakage when they applied any form of hair dye to their hair. Maybe […]

There are so many good oils for hair on the market that sometimes one gets overwhelmed with the many options to choose from. Keeping and growing a healthy hair is a big deal much so is knowing which oil to invest in and why. I would like to explain the two main types of oils […]

Are you amazed at how some people are able to gain so much length in their natural hair journey and you seem to be struggling with your length? The answer is simple. You are probably wearing your hair the wrong way coupled with other factors. statistics have shown that 7 out of 10 women who […]