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Why is Stretching Important?

Are you amazed at how some people are able to gain so much length in their natural hair journey and you seem to be struggling with your length? The answer is simple. You are probably wearing your hair the wrong way coupled with other factors. statistics have shown that 7 out of 10 women who […]

Why Is My Hair So Nappy and Dry?

A lot of people with natural hair can’t seem to understand why their hair is so dry no matter what they do to keep it soft, nice and flexible. First of all, it is important for naturals to accept that natural hair is naturally dry. There is no specific product that will change this characteristic […]

4 easy ways of restyling those twist outs

Being natural is beautiful. More beautiful is the ease of tranistioning from one look to the other thanks to bobby pins and elastic bands. Being natural requires patience and dedication. It may be time consuming but its worth every minute. For most naturals, twist outs are always a winner and go-to hairstyle. They may  not […]