September 27

About Me

Who am i?

Just a regular girl who like any other girl loves sparkles and dazzles, shoes and clothes, make up and HAIR. Actually Hair is part of me(well, its part of everybody) but i feel i have an undescribable connection with hair. Its not an obsession, Its just something am very self-conscious about. Like i will never leave my house without my hair being 101% on point and i dont by any means mean neat and sleek. Messy but classy makes the cut too.

I am a regular girl who loves to be by herself. That’s to say i enjoy my own company. I love to write in those times when im all by myself, read or just dream or be behind the flash lights of the lens. simply put i am a picture/selfie addict.

I am a regular girl who loves to laugh. I may exagerate sometimes but that’s just the way it is. Extremely relaxed and laid back that sometimes i wonder how i make it through certain stages whiles being my usual calm self. PS: its not an advantage.

I am a regular girl who loves taking chances(in my head) but i am working on the execution part. I love God, I love my family and i love myself and i love you my followers. This is a new blog and so i am learning i am counting on your comments and feedbacks to make this blog space meet your expectations. I hope this page adds more value to you and i am looking forward to growing this page with you.

This page is intended towards embracing self and owning your style. Its about learning and recreating. Its about Hair, its about Beauty and its about Style.





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