August 5


At this point everyone knows what is happening. 2020 keeps hitting us with lots of unexpected and life changing surprises its just crazy. China was the first country to suffer from the COVID-19 pandemic and then it creeped into other countries. This virus is slowly but steadily shaking the livelihoods of many in fact, many countries are are trying to curb the situation by putting in place lock down measures. No one knows for certain what is going to happen and for how long we are going to be confined in our homes, not going to work and not seeing our loved ones.

Deliberately staying away from people is one thing however, being forced to stay home is a whole different phenomenon. Even though it is for ones own good the effects of the change in routines cannot be underestimated. Since COVID-19 is dictating that we stay home as much as possible, why not embrace the opportunity to focus on being productive, positive, and proactive in accomplishing things we may have been putting off, due to busy schedules that kept us outside the home?

Here are some productive ways to stay positive and enhance simplicity during the Coronavirus “lockdown”


Create a new Routine

Before the lockdown pretty much everyone had a routine that involved waking up and heading straight out the door at a particular time and back in another time. Most people did this without even realizing it. However, it is almost impossible to do that anymore. You may take it slow in the first few days of quarantine but don’t let it get the best of you.

Create a new routine. This will help you to be productive. When you know what you should do during the day it helps you to stay organized. You can decide to wake up, meditate to boost your vibration, have breakfast, read or book or go out for a walk. There are so many things you can do with the spare time you have so don’t blow it in bed wasting the hours away.

Stay Active

Staying active is very important. Doing physical activities will not only benefit your body and benefits your mind as well. There is a certain type of confidence that comes after a nice walk or workout. It doesn’t matter how difficult the physical activity is. Once you finish it you feel good about yourself so tap into that. Play some music and move to the beat. You will feel

Try Something new

This is the time where you can dedicate time to yourself and your hopes and dreams. Is there a book you’ve been trying to finish? finish it. Are you trying to learn a new language or improve on a language? this is your chance to do that. Do you want to start a business? Guess what, there is really nothing holding you back. All I am trying to tell you is try to take advantage of this time to make the best out of it. See this time as a potential for good things and an opportunity don’t throw It away.

Take Control

Take control of your day. You have the power to lift yourself up if you are feeling down. You have the power to see the world in a different light. Don’t sob and worry about things you cannot fix. Many have lost their jobs in this time, others are worried about how they are going to pay their rent. Stay positive. You can do anything as long as you put your mind to it. Try to update yourself of your rights in times like this. Find out about what you are entitled to and what your options are. If you are a small business owner find out about loans or taxes, or how to jump back up once quarantine and lock down is over. Better to plan ahead than get plan too late

Stay Connected

We social beings. Humans feed off of each other. In times like this where we cannot be close to our family members, or friends or partners we need to stay connected. Call your friends up, keep yourselves company. Share how your day is going and what you have been up to with each other. You can even set goals together challenging each other to be good. Staying away from people and the entire world can be damaging if you don’t stay connected with those who love you and those you love. You don’t want to end up in a dark hole do you?

In all, do everything you can to stay idle. You need to find a little bright light peaking through the darkness COVID 19 pandemic. Stay safe, stay active and productive.

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