September 20

6 Advantages of Thin Hair: Why We Love Our Thin Hair

There are many advantages of thin hair. In fact, every hair type has its pros and cons that is why in this post we will focus on thin hair and why amazing to have and why we love it.

What Is Thin Hair?

Thin hair refers to the thickness of ones hair stands and not the density of hair. Thin hair should therefore not be confused with sparse hair because they aren’t the same thing. They have smaller width size and therefore are delicate and fragile.

How to know If You Have Thin Hair

To be sure you have thin hair, it is possible to run some tests. One of such tests is the thread test. This test requires you to place a normal sewing thread on a plain piece of paper. Then, take your hair strands from all your sides for example hair strands from the crown section, front or back section placing them against the thread. If your hair strands appear smaller than the thread then you have thin hair.

Thin hair chart

What are the Advantages of having thin hair

There are endless advantages of thin hair and so are its disadvantages. Having thin hair can be both good and bad depending on how you see it. Just us some thin hair people wish to have thick hair, some thick hair people would sacrifice anything to have thin hair. It is wrong to think that thin hair is equal to sparse density hair. Because people with sparse density hair can have thick hair strands whiles people with thick density hair may have thin strands.

Fine hair strands are very vulnerable and prone to ripping and breaking easily. Be gentle with your hair if you have fine strands to avoid snapping and ripping. Do not over-manipulate your hair because your strands wouldn’t be able to take it and avoid or reduce using detangling tools. Finger detangling works just fine if you have fine strands. Also, avoid putting too much weight on your strands. Protective styles are good, but don’t pack heavy hair on your strands.

Having briefly touched on what not to do and disadvantages of thin hair, i think we can start listing the advantages of thin hair.

1. Your Hair Dries Faster

When you have thin hair, your hair dries faster. No need sitting down waiting hours on end for your hair to dry. You don’t need hair dryers or extra help. Your hair just dries by mere contact with nothing.

Girl drying her thin hair

2. Detangling is easier

Who needs to spend a whole day detangling hair? No one! When you have thin hair detangling your hair is cut in half. Your hair is fine and naturally smooth therefore it doesn’t get tangled as much especially if you have sparse or medium density hair. You don’t need detangling tools because your fingers work just fine.

3. Short Wash days

Wash days can be so stressful sometimes. You may even have to cancel impromptu invitations because it’s wash day and you need the entire 24 hours in a day even more. But when you have thin you can get away with shorter wash days. You have a less detangling session and hair absorbs products quicker. It also dries faster.

4. Styling is easy

Another advantage of thin hair is that it is very easy to style. You can easily swoop your hair into any direction you want it to go without massive problems. Wrapping your hair and putting them in ponytails and buns are also very easy to achieve.

5. You don’t need to use too much products

When you have thin hair you don’t need to overcoat your hair with products. You don’t go through as many shampoos and conditioners and other products as much as your thick hair counterparts. This is great because it means you spend less on products. If this is not an advantage of thin hair then I don’t know what is.

6. Frizz Is Your Bestfriend

Thick hair people are always running away from humidity and frizz. But when you have thin hair you literally have a different song. Frizz is your best friend. We need the bigness and extra volume. Therefore don’t be scared of humidity and don’t be afraid of frizz. In fact, you make a perfect match.

Girl with thin hair embracing humidity and frizz

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