September 20

How To Keep Type 4 Hair Moisturized When It Loses Moisture Easily

Any type of hair is prone to losing moisture easily. Just as a type 4 hair can lose moisture the same can be experienced by a type 1 hair. Therefore the answer to the question of how to moisturize your hair 4 when it loses moisture easily lies on understanding what your hair porosity level is and how best you can strengthen it and work with it. In this blogpost i will guide you through what you can do to moisturize and retain moisture in a high porosity type hair.

What Causes Hair to Lose it Moisture

Hair is bound to lose moisture at any point in time. However, when your hair loses moisture very easily and quickly it means there is a problem. Quick moisture hair loss is caused by a variety of factors which leaves your hair unhealthy and susceptible to breakage. The most common reason why your hair is losing so much moisture is because;

  • your hair is overly processed – this can be in any form of chemical used to alter your hair texture or color
  • your hair is heat damaged – blow dryers, iron straightners and curlers etc.
  • You are not conditioning and treating your hair enough – irregular deep conditioning, protein treatments and oil treatments.
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Why Does Hair Lose Its moisture

Hair loses moisture because water can’t stay wet on your hair forever. It penetrates your hair shaft and eventually dries. Just like explained above the problem is when your hair doesn’t hold the moisture for a longer time period.

Hair loses moisture also because you have high porosity hair, which simply means that your hair cuticles are opened which makes it easy for moisture to easily penetrate the hair but making it easy for the moisture to be lost at the same rate.

What Can You Do To Avoid Losing Moisture Easily

To avoid losing moisture easily you first need to identify what you are personally doing to your hair to cause it to lose moisture. This may be in the form of reducing the rate at which you apply heat to hair, or dye your hair or apply any form hair altering chemicals. You can also avoid using products that dry out your hair even more.

How Can You Keep Type 4 Hair Moisturised

You can keep moisture in your hair by identifying your hair porosity and treating your hair accordingly.

  • Try to deep condition and protein treat your hair regularly to strengthen and repair any damage your hair might be dealing with.
  • Try using the LOC method or the LCO method of applying products to your hair.
  • Use products and ingredients that moisturize your hair and not products that has the potential to dry your hair.

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