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The LOC Method: Best Way to Retain Moisture For Kinky Hair

The LOC method is a technique used for moisturizing the hair. It consists of first hydrating the hair and then sealing it with a sealant whiles using three main steps to achieve this. The LOC in LOC method is an abbreviation of the three steps/products that one needs to follow or apply for maximum moisture retention. They stand for Liquid or Leave-in Conditioner, Oil and Cream. This method is simply tells you the order in which you should apply your product for moisture retention.

When Do You Do This Method

You basically need to be doing this to your hair every time you are applying products. Due to the fact that some hair can be very dry and is naturally dry, example kinky and tightly coiled patterned hair, it is important to not only moisturize the hair but to also retaining the moisture for as long as the hair can possibly retain that moisture for. This is where product layering comes in to play. Layering products onto the hair in the three steps of the LOC method is the best gift you can give to hair that is very dry. Liquid is moisture and oils and butters are great sealants. Therefore, a layer of oils and butters on top of your wet or conditioned hair helps your hair to retain as much of the water and moisture as it possibly can which is very beneficial for Afro type 4 hair.

How To Do The LOC Method

It’s very simple and for all you know, you have all the products you need in your possession right now.

Step 1: L= Liquid or Leave-in conditioner

Use a water based leave-in conditioner on wet or dump hair. You can also mix your leave-in conditioner with water and spray it on your hair for this step.

Step 2: O= Oil

The second step is to apply an oil. This will help seal and lock the moisture in your whiles giving it shine. You decision to use lighter or thicker oil for this step should depend on the porosity level of your hair. For example, if you have a low porosity hair, a thicker oil will create a better barrier for moisture retention.

Step 3: Cream

The final step is to apply creamy or butter-based moisturizer to lock the moisture even further. The cream will not only give your hair more moisture it will also give your hair some curl definition.

The LOC Method. The Best Way to Keep Moisture in Your Natural Kinky Curly Hair

LOC method Vs Hair Porosity

Hair porosity determines whether or not the method will work effectively or not. In general this method works best on hair that is unable to hold moisture well i.e high porosity hair. However, low porosity hair also benefits a lot from this method. Once the hair cuticle is open and the three step method is applied, moisture remains locked for a long time.

LOC method is just one of the many methods for moisture retention. If this doesn’t work for you, you can try switching the order up by using the LCO method which simply implies that you use the cream before an oil.

Have you tried this method before? Let us know through the comments if you prefer this method of moisture retention.

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