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Scalp Health: Pros and Cons of Oiling Your Scalp

Oiling the scalp is very vital in every healthy hair growth journey. For this reason one needs to incorporate scalp oiling treatments in his or her hair care regimen. However, though there are many benefits to doing this, there exists some cons as well. Too much of everything they say can be bad. In this post i will like to try to give you some of the pros and cons of using oils as a scalp treatment.

Advantages of oiling your scalp

  1. Oils acts as great moisturizers especially for the scalp. Oils contain so many useful vitamins and fatty acids that aids in nourishing the scalp for both healthier scalp and healthy hair.
  2. They may also contribute to scalp stimulation. Most essential oils have stimulating properties which helps to increase blood circulation into the scalp and therefore encouraging hair growth. Massage your scalp on a regular basis  for increased circulation
  3. Oils helps to control and reduce dry scalp and dandruff. Dry scalp and scalp diseases hinder hair growth. Continuous and regular use of oils on the scalp help to prevent dry and flaky and irritated scalp.
Pros and Cons of Oiling Your Scalp


Pros of Oiling scalp

  1. Too much oil on the scalp may cause your build ups and clogged pores. Even though you should oil your scalp it is necessary that you cleanse your scalp to prevent clogged pores which hinders hair growth
  2. Oil your scalp may cause you to have greasy hair. This is different for different people and different types of hair. Kinkier typed hair will not be as greasy as straight hair.

I hope this was helpful. Oils does wonders for your hair and scalp but don’t forget to cleanse your scalp and hair if you do this regularly.

Let us know your experience with oils. Have you tried it? Has it improved your hair and scalp health or has it stunt it. We would like to know through your comments

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