September 27

Pre-Poo Vs Hot Oil Treatment

Before we establish the difference if there is any between a pre-poo and a hot oil treatment, it is important to know that both treatments are very necessary in any natural haircare and can not be used interchangeably.

Pre-poo just like the name suggests is a treatment done before a shampoo to protect hair from drying nature of some shampoos. Natural Afro Hair is naturally dry and turns to dry out faster than other types for this reason, it is important to give your hair that little protection to prevent extra drying of hair whiles improving  your hairs condition and shine. Contrary to popular belief, a pre-poo is not necessarily oil based or an oil in general. One can also pre-poo with aloe vera juice, a blend of home made products or even just a conditioner. It can be done anywhere between an hour to overnight. The most important thing is that it is done before a shampoo.

Hot Oil Treatment is a treatment that can be done both before or after a shampoo. It requires applying oil to hair and adding heat in the process so that hair is conditioned adding extra moisture to hair. Continuous practice of this treatment will improve the condition of your hair making it not only shinier, but softer and conditioned. Not that a hot-oil treatment can be a pre-poo but a pre-poo doesn’t necessarily have to be an oil treatment. A hot oil treatment can be done both before or after shampoo or washing of hair and it is a great way to retain moisture and reduce frizz.

I personally use olive oil to pre-poo my hair because it works for my type 4 hair. What products do you use to pre-poo. Let us know in the comment section.

Pre-Poo Vs Hot Oil Treatment

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