September 27

What is K-Beauty? The 10 Step Korean Beauty Routine.

My quest for good skin care ingredients, products and practices led me to one of the most popular trends in the beauty world. You might have guessed right, K-beauty. I found myself digging more and more into why this was  slowly but surely trending and taking over the world. For a very long time I had been very fascinated by the smooth youthful skin of many famous Korean idols and actors. In fact, i almost believed that every body in Korea had perfect skin and then I finally understood this was so. I finally understood how obsessed Koreans are with beauty and how they take skin care very seriously. Its a pretty long routine but i guess if you really want to have perfect looking skin then you kind of have to earn it. You can’t expect to have good skin by doing the wrong things unless you are just blessed with it. For most of us however, good skin requires dedication and patience which is what in my mind defines K-beauty.

But What Exactly is K-Beauty?

K-beauty is short for Korean beauty which essentially is also the secret key to a youthful looking skin. In plain language, k-beauty is sort of a beauty culture originating  and created in Korea. For this reason there is a strong influence of traditional Korean beauty ingredients and skin care practices.

How did K-beauty become such a popular trend in modern skincare?

I am African, precisely from Ghana and the beauty standards in Ghana are directly opposite to the ones in Korea. In fact, Korean beauty standards are different from that of many countries and people take it very seriously. Korean beauty, particularly skin care is based on health, hydration, glow and lack of pigment. This means that most of the products are carefully made with the purpose of delivering exactly what the skin needs to achieve such results.

It all about nourishing the skin first, so that it looks amazing by itself without having to cover up with makeup. Therefore the concept is that of investing on nourishing the skin rather that investing to cover up. K-beauty has become a worldwide trend not only because K-beauty use effective ingredients and technology that is used in producing these products but because of the universality of beauty. If you think about it, there is a global need for that youthful, plump and bright skin which the Korean Beauty Industry keeps serving, to the already beauty and skin care oriented people making it even more attractive to everyone.

The Korean 10 step Skincare routine

Don’t let this scare you. Korean skin care is very much flexible as it is buildable. You don’t necessarily have to do all 10 steps to be doing good, You can cut out some steps and you can also add more steps. The 10 step routine is only an indication of the multi-layering nature of k-beauty and substantially the idea of self pampering. A typical 10 step routine would go as follows

  1. Double cleanse, part one, oil cleanser: Use an oil-based cleanser to break down all oil-based impurities and products from the skin.
  2.  Double cleanse, part two, water cleanser: Follow your oil cleanse with a gentle, non-stripping water-based cleanser to further remove dirt.
  3. Exfoliator: exfoliation does not have to be a daily routine therefore, you can skip this and do it every other day. It really depends on what your skin needs. .
  4. Hydrating toners: Use a hydrating toner to balance pH and kick-start hydration in your skin and face.
  5. Essence: Essence is primarily geared toward amping up hydration.
  6. Face oils, serums, ampoules: These are the most personalised steps of your routine, which is all about targeting the specific issues you want to address.
  7. Masks: This could be sheet masks or other hydrating masks and it doesn’t have to be every day.
  8. Eye cream: Eye cream comes next.
  9. Moisturizer: Then seal it all in with a moisturizer.
  10. In the mornings, always finish up with SPF.

Are you into K-beauty? Let us know if you will ever get into it and if you have, how has your skin improved.

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