September 27

The Green House Effect

If you are anything like me, you are probably looking for and trying out anything that could help your hair in terms of length retention and general health of your hair. You may try it but something happens and you don’t stay committed. Well it is totally fine. We are in the same boat and we will help each other out.

One of my searches for hair growth and length retention led me to a technique or treatment called the Green House Effect (GHE).

What is it?

It definitely has nothing to do with global warming However, the name and term stems from a popular farming practice where plants are grown by trapping te heat in a controlled environment. Funny thing is, we do this all the time, be it in our deep conditioning routines or oil treatments. We just don’t know what we are doing is called the Green House Effect. The same principles that apply growing these plants in these heated environments apply to our hair too.

It is simply the trapping  of  natural heat from our own bodies whiles using plastic wrap or a shower cap,  to create that perfect environment for the pores on your scalp and the follicles to open up, allowing for the growth rate to increase.

This method works for almost everything. You can use this method with your oils, deep conditioners or even just water to moisturise and give your hair that hydration it needs. The treatment is usually done overnight for better results.

Benefits of Green House Effect

  • It stimulates hair growth and improves length retention.
  • it softens and smoothen hair by making hair more pliable and manageable.
  • It is great way to keep dryness away.

If you have not tried this method before I would actually recommend you do. But also have realistic expectations. Do not expect to grow 2 inches of hair overnight just because you started doing this treatment. Look out for how your hair feels and fairs after you have used the this method. The rest will eventually follow.

I love this method for moisture and trust me I forget to do it most of the time but if you actually stay committed you will see great results.

What has been your GHE experience. Have you tried it? Will you try it?

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