September 20

10 Basic Tools Every Natural Should Have

Every Afro-textured hair boasts a crown full of unique kinks and coils that are different from the next naturalista. But no matter the various curl patterns and textures that exist, the best grooming tools for people with natural hair are universal.

As Afro-textured girls and boys, we would all agree that to maintain and take care of our unique kinks, coils and curls we need to invest in some specific tools. Here are a few natural hair tools that every natural needs and should definitely have in their arsenal:

1. Wide Tooth Comb


Don’t play with any type of comb because guess what, combs are either your bestfriend or worst enemy. Detangling is very important and you need the right too to do that. A wide tooth comb will detangle your hair gently and will significantly reduce snaps and unnecessary tearing.

2.  Denman Brush

Though it may seem a bit pricey for some naturals, a Denman Brush is one of those things you don’t want to miss out on. The Denman Brush allows for smoother detangling and is great for really clumping your curls together and distributing product throughout the hair evenly.

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3.  Afro Pick

If you are natural especially a type four natural without afro picks then darling I don’t know what you are on. The fact of the matter is that every natural needs an afro pick in their life. Who do you turn to when you twists, braids and bantu knots are flat? You guessed right. The Afro Pick. So Fluff and Pick till you are content.

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4. Plastic Caps

Plastic processing caps are absolutely necessary in your deep conditioning and hot oil treatments. After applying your deep conditioner, simply cover your hair with a plastic cap for 15-30 minutes. Your body heat helps the ingredients from your deep conditioner or oils to absorb into the hair follicle, allowing for more moisturised and supple hair.

5.  Clips


Clips are very important when it comes to sectioning off your hair.  Working in sections and using clips to keep those sections separate makes managing your curls a lot easier and it also saves you a whole lot of time, too!

6. Applicator Bottle

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Everyone needs an applicator bottle especially if you don’t want to be making a mess in your bathroom or wherever you usually do your hair. If you’re a little heavy-handed with the oils, or just need an easy way to moisturize your scalp, an applicator bottle will become your saving grace. It’s narrow tip is great for applying oils directly to your scalp for those weekly scalp massages. It’s not only for oils, you can put your more “liquidy” mixtures in there for easy hair application.

7. Spray Bottle

A spray bottle is an absolute must-have if you have natural hair,  for natural hair.  Spray bottles are good for refreshing and moisturizing your curls with a bit of water and conditioner, making your hair pliable, manageable  and easier to manipulate and style.

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8. Satin Bonnets/Scarves/Pillow

This is also a must-have and even though they might slide off your hair in the middle of the night, some amount of protection is better than none at all. Use Satin bonnets and scarves to keep your hair from drying out and preserving your styles. Trust me you need this.


9. Elastic Bands

Perfect for those days where you don’t feel like messing with your hair, or your twist out just isn’t acting right. Headbands/scrunchies are perfect for those chic updos and puffs!


10. Toothbrush

Y’all know what the toothbrush is for right? Of course you do but just in case you didn’t know, the toothbrush is for your baby hair.  Get your baby hair laying skills on point with a good ol’ toothbrush. It works. 


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