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Ayurvedic Hair Care For Strong Looking Hair

Ayurvedic hair care treatments focuses on incorporating special herbs and oils to create a balance in your hair and to strengthen your hair. The treatments simply allows there to be harmony in the hair. Before going into these treatment it is necessary to learn about Ayurveda itself and identify your Ayurvedic Hair type. This will help you know what products and herbs your hair needs and how to care for it in general. Growing out your hair naturally is undeniably the best way to reach your desired hair length. Depending on the herbs, these treatments may even on their own serve as deep conditioners for natural hair.

Ayurvedic hair care have been used by women in India for a very long time to grow unbelievably long and healthy hair. The rest of us are just trying to catch on to it now and trust me it is worth every bit of it. The practice wholly incorporates natural ingredients which gives the hair, body and mind nutrients to be strong and healthy. If you want to join these popular treatments to achieve great long and healthy hair then read on.

Some of the most popular ayurvedic herbs include Amla, Henna, Hibiscus, Ashwanganda, Shikakai, Bhringraj, Aritha, Neem, Brahmi etc. These herbs are very potent and benefit the hair in so many ways improving its overall health.

Ayurvedic hair care powders

How Do You Incorporate Ayurvedic Haircare in Your Regimen?

An Ayurvedic hair care regimen reduces and heals common hair issues such as hair loss and thinning, damage, split ends, breakage and shedding. It is really easy to incorporate Ayurvedic hair care into ones regimen. You can do this by making your own hair pastes, hair glosses or masks, hair rinses, teas and hair oils with these herbs and powders. It is also vital to add scalp massages to these treatments. Scalp massages promote hair growth and help to improve blood circulation and rejuvenate ones hair follicles by increasing blood flow to the roots.

Hair Pastes

Mixing Ayurvedic hair care ingredients into pastes is one of the potent ways ways to introduce Ayurveda into your hair. Because it very potent I always advice that you do this treatment once a month. Frequent use of hair pastes may overpower your hair. Ayurvedic hair pastes consists of mixing the powdered herb with water to get a pasty consistency. This is applied to the hair as a sort of conditioner for the hair. You are free to add other things such as oils and rinse out conditioners to your paste. However, the herbs you choose should provide your hair with maximum strength, nourishments and cleansing that it need.  Henna is one of the most common Ayurvedic powders used to make a paste. It is very strengthening but like I already mentioned don’t make it a habit to use it too frequently as this will cause your hair to rebel.

Hair Glosses and Masks

Hair glosses and masks are a milder and gentler version of the potent hair masks. When making an Ayurvedic hair care gloss or hair mask you do not need large amounts of powders and herbs. Use small amounts of your powders and herbs and mixed into other moisturizing ingredients such as commercial or DIY conditioners, yoghurt, coconut milk, aloe vera juice or gel, oils etc. This will not only strengthen your hair, it will also provide your hair with lots of moisture and nourishment. Unlike the hair pastes, you can use these once a week or once every 2 weeks.

A lady applying ayurvedic hair mask to her hair

Teas and Hair Rinses

Ayuverdic tea rinses used in ayuverdic hair care

Another way to add strength to your hair is by going the tea and rinses way. This is definitely a less messy way of introducing all the good nourishment and substances into your hair.  To make the tea rinses you have to infuse your water with your herb of choice. The tea is suitable for daily use or every other day. With the rinses you don’t have to deeply wash your hair. Just wash your hair enough so that you don’t lose all the infused nutrients and properties of the herbs.

Herbal Oils

Herbal Oils are used for hot oil treatments and most importantly for scalp massages.  Scalp massages stimulate the scalp of course, for hair growth if done consistently. Infuse Ayurveda  herbs in your preferred oil of choice. You can choose to use either the cold infusion method or the hot infusion method. The cold infusion method requires your oil sit for days. This allows the herbs to infuse into your oils without adding heat. The hot infusion is on the other hand requires heat. It is a faster process. The oils you get from this method can be used as oil treatments. They can also be added to any hair product you already have.

Ayurvedic herbs used in ayurvedic hair care

Commercial Products

Apart from making your own hair masks, and oils etc, you can use commercial products. Products with Ayurvedic ingredients such as Amla powder, henna etc. listed as part of the ingredients on the product. A lot of brands are actually adding these ingredients to their hair products which is a great option if you are not the DIY type.

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