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5 Things Ghanaians Hate About Their 4C Natural Hair

4C is the kinkiest and tightly coilest hair on the afro-textured hair type chart followed by 4B hair. These hair types tend to look very dry, unruly and will appear unkempt if the right amount of attention is not given to it. When it flourishes however, it is just a beautiful sight to behold, causing lots of stirs and strong desire to just dive into the fullness and thickness of its depths.

Growing up, natural hair was not really encouraged. You either had a bald cut as a child or your hair was permed. This was not by choice but for convenience for both mother and child. Perming and straightening a child’s hair meant peace for everyone. It meant that a mother will not have to take too much time on doing her child’s hair or inflicting too much pain on the child in the process. The child on the other hand would be spared all the pains of the careless pulling and snagging  and constant tears shedding just to get her hair done.

The truth of the matter is that, there isn’t enough education on how to treat our natural hair. Applying hair care regimen and practices of the european and western straight hair or curly hair does not and will not work for our african kinky hair type and the misconception that natural hair isn’t beautiful or attractive hair makes it even worse.

In this post I will be highlighting some few things Ghanaians hate about Natural hair and give your possible ways to deal with theses “issues”

1. Fear of Being Unattractive In the Eyes of Other Men

Ghanaian ladies like to look very put together. Unkempt hair is generally frowned upon in this part of the world. Having natural hair means more time one has to dedicate more time and effort to keeping well put together which a lot of people do not have. The fear is that men are not attracted to our natural hair and that they prefer women with nice flowing hair. But is that what men really think when they see natural hair?

Things Ghanaian women don't like about their hair

How To Deal With It:

Your hair belongs to you and not anyone. So if you like to wear your natural hair out wear it out with confidence. If a man doesn’t like your hair, it might actually depend on how well you keep it. I don’t know why nobody will not like any type of hair if it is kept nice. So see where the problem is and try to fix it. But it will actually surprise you that men prefer the simple things. You might just be projecting your thoughts and perception about your hair on him. Just believe in yourself.

2. Detangling is a Nightmare

You can comb your hair all you want, but when you have 4C hair, it will be the one to decide if it will remain tangle free or not. Most of the times it will do what it wants to do which get tangled. Get used to it!”

Things Ghanaians Hate About Their 4C Natural Hair : Detangling is a nightmare

How To Deal With It

You may never have a fully detangled ‘fro’, but having “less tangled” hair is achievable with the right products. Never leave your to shrink back up after washing. That is a no-no. Wear styles that stretch your curls and kinks like twist outs, braid outs, flexi rods etc and do not skip detangling in your haircare.

This leads us to the next point. Which Ghanaians hate about natural 4C or 4B hair.

3. Extreme Shrinkage

I cannot stand Shrinkage and most naturals can’t stand it. We are all in the same boat. Why? Because, one, Shrinkage doesn’t show off the years of effort I’ve put into achieving armpit length. Number two reason is that I don’t like looking like a mushroom under my shrunken “fro”. I like to see length. Don’t everyone? And the last is that when you allow your hair to shrink up you are just setting yourself for the tangle monster.

How To Deal With It:

You have to look at shrinkage in a different light. It’s not actually bad. It is in fact a sign that your hair is in a good state and that it is healthy. If you have 4C or 4B hair and it doesn’t shrink there is a problem.

4. It is High Maintenance

4C hair is extremely high maintenance. Nothing is simple and easy. Treating your is a nightmare and styling is a mess. The most annoying part of it all is that the styles do not last on your head unless you are always maintaining it in one way or the other. For twist that you want to last the whole week, you have to prep yourself to re-twist everyday. You can’t just shampoo  and condition like everyone. A simple bun is not simple if you have 4C or 4B type hair. No one likes this.

Things Ghanaians Hate About Their 4C Natural Hair: High maintenance hair
Bad hair day

How To Deal With It: 

Repeat after yourself that weeping may endure for a night but joy comes in the morning. The end is what matters. When your comes out pretty and your day is filled with compliments nothing else will matter. Also, it get easier when your hair starts growing longer. So be patient.

5. Struggle of Styling

The kind of muscle strength and resistance that is needed to style ones hair for a simple outing is just overwhelming. I may be exaggerating but y’all know that the struggle is real. It is worse when you don’t know what to even do to the hair to save the day. Most people will just give up and throw on a wig. If you a wig thrower good for you but some of us do not give up that easily. In any case we hate we have to do too much  to achieve a results that will last just a day or 2.

How To Deal With It: 

Accept it! There is really nothing you can do. Being natural comes with its challenges and this is one those. So if you are like me and you don’t like to wear wigs or sew-ins or box braids and twists etc then you just have to gain some arm muscles to style and treat your hair. If you can’t then you can protective style by wearing the above styles mentioned.

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  2. This post perfectly captures how I felt when I decided to go natural. It was a terrifying and surprising adventure. I had to learn a lot of the things you mentioned in this post on my own. As a result, I’ve created a blog for black girls to learn how to properly care for our hair at afrocurls.home.blog.

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