September 21

How Should I Care For My Dark Skin?

Gone are the days when people felt they didn’t belong because of their skin colour. Anyone who said dark skin was not beautiful knows nothing about beauty and blessing. Being dark-skinned is beautiful, appreciating yourself in the colour you were born with and owning it makes you even more beautiful.

Being dark-skinned means you have a high amount of melanin which is the pigmentation that creates the skins colour. Melanin is the skin’s first line of defence against harmful sun rays which is the primary cause of excess wrinkles. Our skin also has compacted collagen fibers which means fewer wrinkles. Good news right? Yes but that doesn’t mean our skin is protected from the rays of the sun. We cannot just expose ourselves to the sun because dark skin is still vulnerable to sun damage therefore wearing sunscreen is very important to keep the skin even more protected.

Maintaining a beautiful vibrant and clear skin should be on your list especially if you want to be able to join the “black don’t crack” club. As dark skin ages it usually appears dusty blotchy and lacking in radiance or brightness. This is why you should strongly avoid products that dry the skin even more or products that irritate your skin. Your skin says a lot about you. Protect it, drink lots of water, eat well and give it lots of love.

The Right Care for Dark Skin

Cleansing: Cleansing and purifying the skin helps you to free up your pores and keep your face clean and fresh. Use a gentle soothing cleanser in the morning and a gentle exfoliating wash at night to remove dead skin cells.

Morning: Use a glycolic acid based toner to gently stimulate collagen and remove dark patches or spots. Such products are able to control oils and breakouts.

Night: Do not sleep with your make-up. Wash and cleanse your face, tone and apply a rich night cream to hydrate your face for the night.

There you go – a few basic black skin care tips black women can follow. Black is beautiful and more wonderful with smooth, radiant, clear skin!

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