September 27

Wash Day Mistakes That Makes Your Hair Dry

Knowing and understanding your hair can take months and even years but until then, you have to make cautious efforts to listen to your hair and try to care for it as much as possible. Set aside a day when you can attend to hair for example wash days. As a natural I would advice that you have a wash day where your focus will be that of cleansing and restoring strength to your hair.

There are some common mistakes we make on wash days or in general which increases the time our hair takes to dry after it has been washed. Here are some things to avoid if you don’t want your hair to dry out too quickly.

Products With Drying Ingredients

Most of our natural hair products contain ingredients such as  sulfates, parabens, silicones, alcohol etc. which dries out our hair whiles attempting to do its job, be it cleansing or styling . As a natural you have to be careful about what you put in your hair. Avoid shampoos, conditioners and styling products that contain such ingredients as your they will dry your hair.

Rubbing Your Hair

Do not just squeeze your shampoo onto your crown to distribute it throughout your hair whiles rubbing, scratching and tousling your hair in all kinds of direction. Being this rough actually  not only increase tangles in your hair but also lifts your hair cuticle even further. Shampoo expands the cuticle in order for it to effectively cleanse, so you want to stroke the hair downward to encourage the cuticle to lay flat. When scrubbing your scalp, hold the ends of the hair tight and stretched with one hand and massage the scalp with the other hand. Remember to be gentle, as hair is elastic and prone to break when wet.

Deep Conditioning before Cleansing

Cleansing is meant to clarify your scalp and hair from excess oils and product buildups that may be sitting on your scalp. This process can be drying to the hair because of its cleaning property. Shampooing should be followed by conditioning or deep conditioning to restore some moisture,strength and shine back into your hair.

Not Applying a Leave-in Conditioner after Washing

Many people make a mistake of not applying leave-in conditioners to their hair after they have washed their hair. If Rinse-out conditioners were enough, leave-in conditioners wouldn’t be a thing. Maintaining moisture in your hair even after you have washed it is important that’s why you shouldn’t forget to add leave-in conditioners to your regimen. Skipping it and doing ahead to style right after washing your hair may leave your hair dry.

Not Sealing

Sealing is when you seal or trap the moisture in your hair so that is doesn’t easily escape or evaporate from your hair. After washing your hair coat your hair and applying a leave-in conditioner, you should also apply an oil or butter to provide extra layer for your hair reducing the rate at which your hair dries out.

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  1. Just what? Today is my wash day and this article is like an update for wash day.
    I will definitely be very careful with the rubbing part.

    Thanks for sharing 😘

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