September 27

10 Natural Hair Sins You May Be Committing

Have you ever sat down or looked yourself in the mirror and asked yourself why your hair is not where you want it to be in terms or its health and length despite your efforts to save it?. Maybe you have and maybe you are one of the many who think it is nothing serious, “it is just hair”. But is it really just hair? We may not be entirely our hair but we all know that a good hair day makes a whole lot of difference. It is able to set your mood just right and build your confidence so that you can walk out the door feeling like a conqueror.

Hair is not everything but who doesn’t want beautiful hair and most importantly who doesn’t want healthy hair on their head. The problem with many naturals is thinking that they can practice the same hair care as when they had processed hair. Natural hair is a pretty new trend therefore, it important that theories are not transferred. One needs to learn new ways of caring for the hair and taking care not to fall victims of these sins that could hinder your hair from flourishing. Everything has its positives and negatives. If you want to keep your hair on your head where it belongs then you have to stay ahead of it all. Here is a list of the 10 sins you may be committing that is impacting your hair badly.

1.   Dyeing Your Natural Hair

We’ve all at a point in time thought about changing our hair colour. I certainly have and if you are like me you never stop dyeing your hair once you try it the first time even when you feel your hair is changing as a result of the continuous stress you might be subjecting your hair to.  If you don’t want to deal with all the side-effects of hair dyes which includes dry and brittle hair, allergic reactions for some and even worse, breast cancer then say “No” to Permanent dyes.


2.  Over-manipulation

Over manipulation is when you just can’t allow your hair to breath. If your are constantly running your fingers through your hair, if you are combing or brushing your hair all the time, if your hair is always ready to go into another style immediately after you have taken out a hairstyle then you are just doing too much.  Do not over-handle your hair because it will only result in unnecessary shedding and tearing.

Bad hair day

3.  Rough Handling of Hair

Rough Handling is not the same as over-manipulation. Applying force to your hair anytime to you touch it will stunt your hair growth. You are always likely to come across knots and tangles in your hair. Never make the mistake of forcing any object through those knots and tangles especially when your hair is dry. Be gentle and be patient with getting those knots out.

4.  Pulling Hair Too Tight


A hairstyle should not hurt. If your scalp is starting to react as a result of a hairstyle you are wearing then you are not supposed to be wearing it. Heavy and tight braids or twists and ponytails weigh down your hair and pulls the weakest areas of your hair i.e your edges and your nape area. If you keep putting such pressures on your hair you are eventually going to lose hair especially around the perimeters of your hai

5.  Not Detangling Your Hair properly

Detangling your natural hair is very important considering the fact that you hair will always be entangled. You have to make sure the tangles and knots are not accumulated over time.  It is very easy for a single strand knot to become a giant multiple knots. You cannot fight the tangles but you can reduce them by detangling your hair properly for example during wash days. You can also wear hairstyles that allow your hair to stretch out rather than shrink and tangle back up.

6.  Over-shampooing or Over-washing Your Hair

Natural hair needs lots of moisture and water to thrive but as we all know, too much of everything is bad. Shampoos are made to cleanse the hair and scalp. Most shampoos contain compounds and ingredients that achieve this goal by removing any oils and build ups from the hair.  These ingredients can strip the hair of its natural oils leaving it dry. If you are natural then you know your hair is naturally dry therefore subjecting the hair to daily of frequent shampoos is not your best option.


7.  Not Shampooing your Hair

Under-shampooing hair is as much a sin as over-shampooing  of hair. Unless you always cover your hair so that it is protected from the elements and you do not exercise often then you can go longer without shampooing your hair. If you are like me however, then you are probably heavy-handed with products during styling and you like to exercise. In this case it is necessary that you shampoo your hair once a week or at least once in every 2 weeks to get rid of any product buildups on your strands and scalp. The aim is to keep the scalp free and clean so that nothing hinders the hair growth process and the overall health of your hair. Not also that apart from the non-beneficial factors to the health of your hair, under washing your hair is also keeping poor hygiene.

8.  Not Covering Hair at Night

If there is any of these sins I am most guilty of, this is definitely one of them. Covering your hair at night is very necessary because it helps to protect your hair from getting dry by keeping moisture trapped in your hair as opposed to sleeping on a cotton pillow which sucks up all the moisture from your hair. Covering your hair also prevents it from causing friction once rubbed against your pillow. Keep your hair protected by covering it at night preferably with a silk or satin material. You might wake up without your scarf or bonnet but at least you tried.


9.  Using the Wrong Products

This is very tricky because products work differently for different hair types. Sometimes you just know a product is not meant for you by just reading the label or ingredients. Other times you have no choice but to try it for yourself. If you realise a product doesn’t work for you, it is ok. Do not keep using it because you paid for it. You may just be doing more harm than good to your hair.

10.  Holding On To Split Ends


Cutting away split ends is essential for healthy hair. Would you rather have a lengthy mane with thin, see-through sections where it’s broken off? Or would you rather start off shorter, but with strong, thick hair? Unfortunately, some women choose the first option and walk around with unhealthy hair that shows. Split ends don’t fix themselves — you must trim them away as needed to prevent them from crawling further up the hair shaft and splitting even more.

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