September 27

Shrinkage: A curse or a blessing

If you are natural and have type 4 hair, then you might have and you do experience Shrinkage 99% of the time. Your hair just refuses to show its real length especially when washed. Whiles this may be off-putting because you want your real length to show, it is actually a good thing. Shrinkage is a good thing.

What is Shrinkage

Natural hair shrinkage means that hair has shrunk in appearance. This is very common and a common language in the natural hair community, It is important to know that hair shrinkage in itself is not a terrible thing. In fact, shrinkage is a way  to tell if one’s hair is healthy or not.

As much as shrinkage is a sign of healthy hair, it may however pose a threat to hair growth. When natural hair is in a wet state it tends to curl back into itself as it starts to dry causing the hair to loop and tie around itself resulting into single or multiple knots. These knots cause the hair to get entangled with each other and eventually causes breakage which set back the length goal of a person. This is why it is important to keep the hair in a stretched styles as much as possible.

How to Avoid Shrinkage

Shrinkage can’t really be avoided. You can only just decide to wear your hair in stretched styles. Braid outs, twists outs and flat braids etc are styles that stretches the hair and prevent the hair from curling back into self.

  • Banding, twisting or threading your hair right after you have washed your hair.
  • Blow dry your roots or hair completely. This should not be a ritual as we want to reduce the application of heat to the hair as much as possible.
  • Using roller sets, flexi rods and perm rods to style hair can also help stretch out your curls.
  • Twist outs, braid outs, bantu knots also help to elongate your strands
  • High buns or low buns can also be an option to stretching out your hair.

The goal is to keep your hair stretched at all times .

These are some of the hairstyles you can wear on your stretched hair and to keep your hair stretched.

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