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Benefits of Onions for Hair and Scalp

Studies have shown that Onions are not only good for cooking but very good for hair as well. Some years ago I was searching the internet for natural remedies for dandruff and hair loss and that was where i came across onions as one of the top ingredients that help to cure dandruff.  I could not bring myself to think that the same substance that had my hands smelling for the entire day would be put on my hair. I eventually mustered courage to start the onion juice treatment which i did for a month or two. Did it work? It actually did and i was pretty surprised at how my edges grew. I mention my edges because it was the first thing i noticed which meant that the other parts of my hair grown as well.

Benefits of Onions in Hair care

  • Onions are very rich in anti-bacteria and anti fungal properties which may help fight scalp diseases and infections such as dandruff. The consistent use and incorporation of onions into hair care practices has many benefits for the hair some of which include
  • Onions also contain dietary sulfur a common mineral found in the body needed to produce enzymes and proteins. Also one of the components of our hair is keratin which contains sulfur hence the sulfur from onions helps to give the hair the nourishment it needs for hair health and hair growth.
  • Aside from nourishing the hair follicles sulfur is also essential for regeneration of your hair follicles.
  • Onions also contains antioxidants such as flavonoids which helps to reduce ageing properties and premature graying of the hair.
  • Onion juice improve blood circulation to the scalp which allows for nourishment of the hair follicles and therefore helps to stimulate hair growth

How to make Onion Juice


1 onion

4 tsp of olive oil

2 tsp of coconut oil

2 tsp of castor oil

5 drops of peppermint, tea tree and rosemary essential oils each.


How to Make and apply the Onion Juice

Blend everything together and sieve the blend to get the juice.

Apply juice to the scalp and massage your scalp with it for 5-10 minutes

Cover your hair and allow the juice to sit in your hair for an hour.

Shampoo and rinse your hair and follow up with your normal routines.

NB: It’s a very strong smell but the essential oils substantially reduces the smell.

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