September 27

Why are my edges thinning?

Ever wondered why your hairline and edges keeps receeding and thinning? Well i have. Growing up i never paid attention to my edges. I never really had a reason to. My edges were just about normal. It had just the right amount of hair it needed. It was only recently i started noticing my edges were thinning out. This time it wasn’t normal. I asked myself so many questions. I did not understand why a few months earlier i had hair covering my hairline and the next month i was getting bald patches on my hairline.  I realised i was dealing with Traction Alopecia.

Traction alopecia is the clinical name for thin edges or the recession of the hairline due to hair loss. It is a gradual process that will lead to permanent hair loss in certain areas if it is not dealt with early enough

How do I know I have Traction Alopecia?

It’s very easy to tell when you have this condition. Early signs often starts showing at areas where you have more fragile and thinner hair like around the hair line(temples) and nape areas.

Causes of Traction Alopecia

Traction Alopecia or hair thinning can be caused by so many factors some of which includes

Chemicals and Relaxers: Relaxers and Chemicals frequently applied to the hair to alter its natural state often leaves the hair damaged and fragile. Like already said the nape areas and temple areas are the most fragile. The constant subjecting of these areas to strong chemicals such as hair dyes and relaxers will in extreme cases damage the scalp contribute to hair loss in such areas.

Tight Hairstyles: This i believe is what caused my hairline to thin out even more. Tight hairstyles that pulls on your hairline like tight buns or tight ponytails will do nothing but cause your hair to thin out. Try to do little when it comes to your hairline. Do not pull too tight.

Hair Extensions: Even though adding hair extensions to hair is a way of protecting your hair and allowing you to not manipulate your hair too much which of course is a blessing, it can also very well be a curse. Styles such as braids, twists or even weaves that weigh your hair down due to its heaviness puts so much pressure on your hair especially the fragile areas. This is not to say that you should also braid too small as chances are your hair is going to break off.  You actually have to find that balance. Do not braid too tightly. Do not braid to small or too big. Allow your hair some slack. And allow you hair to hang when you have these styles with extensions in your hair is this will reduce the friction coming from constant pulling of hair to create different styles.

Manipulation: Some people just can’t seem to leave their hair to rest. If you have your hands and brushes and combs constantly in your hair and switching hairstyles on a daily basis your hair is certainly going to feel the pressure.  The constant snagging and pullings and manipulation can lead to hair loss in those delicate areas.

Health Conditions: Some people lose hair due to health conditions including postpartum, stress, lupus and even certain types of medication. In such a case it is best to see a doctor who may help you to adjust or possibly change the medication you might be on.

Friction: This is one of the factors most people are not aware of and if they are they do not put so much weight on them. Friction can contribute to hair line recession. Putting on tight scarfs, beanies, hats, lace frontals and hair bands that tightly hugs your hairline area will suck up moisture from your hairline leaving it dry and eventually breaking off. If you have to use a scarf or bands it is advisable to use ones that are made out of satin as they are much gentler.

Hair Products: Whiles some hair products are organic others aren’t and this is normal. You have to do some research on the hair products you use. Check for the ingredients. Some ingredients present in hair products have damaging properties to the hair and scalp. Avoid any product that has the propensity to strip your hair of moisture such as alcohol, petrolatum etc. except you have a solid regimen that allows you to put the moisture back in your hair.

My Temples thinning as a results of wearing tight low buns and high buns

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