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Is Grease Really Bad for your Hair?

To grease or not to grease that is the question. The natural hair bible is filled with  so many hair commandments. One of such commandments is “thou shall not grease.” But what at all is this grease that suddenly everyone with natural hair should stay away from?

What is in Grease?

Grease is the term used to describe a thick and heavy oily substance or pomade. It usually has  petroleum, petrolatum or mineral oils  as one of the first ingredients if not the first ingredient found on a jar of grease. These ingredients contained in grease is the cause of all the chaos surrounding the use of grease. Think of a product like vaseline which is essentially made of petroleum jelly and think of how it is used. You realise that vaseline is usually put on a burn or cut. Why? Because the petroleum contained in vaseline creates a layer or barrier that keeps wound clean and covered making wounds heal fast. The barrier created by the petroleum protects the wound and keeps germs out hence, reducing infections

Now think of what petroleum does to your hair.

Grease as already explained contains petroleum therefore, It is logical to say that once it is applied to the hair it creates a barrier which makes it difficult for hair to absorb any other product you put on it afterwards. This is where you have to make a choice about whether or not you want to put grease in your. It may either make your hair or destroy it depending on how you use it.

How to Use Grease

If you want to take a chance with grease then you should know how to properly use it

  1. Properly moisturise your hair first: So you need to have washed your hair, applied your leave-ins and other products you typically use to moisturise eg. Shea butter and oils and then coat it with the grease.
  2. Use it as a Sealant: This is a reinforcement of the first point. Use grease to seal in moisture. Using it as the last product in your moisturising and hydration process will allow you to lock-in all the moisture.
  3. Apply to the length of your hair: Do not apply grease directly to the scalp. This is to reduce any possibility of clogged pores.
  4. Be light-handed: Your hair doesn’t need too much grease. Actually little goes a long way. After all the products you have already applied to your hair in the moisturising process you don’t need to exaggerate with grease.
  5. Wash out with a Shampoo: Washing out grease maybe a tough job. You need a stong shampoo that can cleanse and get rid of all products and petroleum in your hair. Using a gentle shampoo like a sulfate-free shampoo may not be able to get rid of all the dirt. You are also strongly encouraged to follow-up with a conditioner

Now that you know about grease, the decision is entirely up to you. Either you use it the right way to get the right results or you use it the wrong way and your hair is going to suffocate due to lack of moisture.

One thought on “Is Grease Really Bad for your Hair?

  1. Such a nice post. I loved using grease. Now, I didn’t like them because they are “not good for natural hair”. I’ll try them again the way you advised. Thanks for sharing ❤❤😍😍

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