September 20

Hot Oil Treatment Explained

Having healthy natural hair is the result of many haircare practices. The hot oil treatment is just one of those practices. Hot oil treatment is as simple as it sounds. It involves mixing your favourite oils together and heating it up for application. You can heat it up by putting your mixture in or over boiling/hot water or by microwaving. Note that the oils does not have to be hot enough to burn your scalp.

Step 2 of the treatment requires you to apply the oil to your hair from the tips/ends of your hair to your roots and then massage your scalp for about 6-10 minutes when you have finished applying the oils to your entire hair.

Step 3 will involve covering your hair with a plastic cap or bag and leaving your hair for about an hour. You may also want to sit under a drier whiles you are at it.

Last step wash your hair and follow up with a conditioner.

This treatment is extremely beneficial during wash days deep conditioning process as it gives you the best moisture and strength payoff.

Benefits of Hot Oil Treatment

Helps Bring Back Brittle Dry Hair to Life : Natural hair is naturally dry hence if neglected it becomes even more dry, brittle and break off. Because our hair is naturally dry the slightest attention you give to it is a plus. Doing this treatment once every week or every two weeks will help your hair to feed off the nutrients of the oils and moisturise your hair.


Helps to Moisturise your Ends and Prevents Split-ends: because the ends of the hair are the oldest it needs a lot more care and attention. Applying these oils to the ends of the hair will strengthen the ends and reduce any split ends or other damages. 

Strengthens and Nourishes hair: You will definitely see results as you continue to do this treatment. Your hair is going to feel healthier and stronger and shinier.

Helps Increase Blood Circulation to Scalp: By massaging the oil in to your snap you are invigorating the growth process by increasing the blood circulation. Massaging this into your scalp will also help reduce dry scalp. So you are in the end stimulating your hair growth and reducing scalp dryness and dandruff.

When to Do this Treatment

You can do this treatment after you have “Shampooed” your hair or before a deep conditioning treatment. I personally love to do this on my deep conditioning days. So I basically do the treatment prior to applying my deep conditioner and the results are always amazing.

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  1. I’ve never used anything like this on my hair, I’ve been quite lazy with it recently. Great post, it’d mean a lot if you checked my blog out too x

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