The Natural hair movement and community is so full of vocabulary that one can easily get overwhelmed with the so many terms and treatments that come with being natural. Deep conditioning treatment and protein treatments are just some of them. They are also treatments get confused with each other a lot. This post is meant to show that Deep Conditioning is not Protein treatment and this is why…

Deep conditioning treatment is a treatment meant or used to moisturise the hair in order to keep it from being overly dry and brittle. Regular deep conditioning helps the hair to stay hydrated and moisturised, improves hair’s elasticity and improve the general health of the hair. ¬†Because type 4 hair generally feels dry and hence prone to breakage, it is important to keep the hair moisturised all the time. Moisturising hair everyday and deep conditioning every week or two allows hair to stay moisturised, healthy and reduce the hair’s susceptibility to break.

Protein treatment is a treatment which helps to fortify and strengthen the hair. The hair is mainly made up of protein. It is only normal to feed the hair with the things that make up the hair. A protein deficient hair means an unhealthy and weak hair. This can be as a result of anything ranging from bad hair habits to bad eating habits. Protein treatments can help restore that strength back to the hair. However, too much protein can cause harm than good. Protein overload will cause hair to be too strong, hard and brittle which will increase hair’s ability to break (too much of everything is bad). For this reason it is better to do this treatment once or twice a month.

Capturep.pngThere are also treatments that combine both. This means the product will not only moisturise the hair but will also strengthen the hair because they may contain some fortifying ingredients.