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Difference Between Deep Conditioning and Protein Treatment

Deep Conditioning and Protein Treatment are two terms and treatments that are easily confused by so many people. They are two different treatments that are very important and which needs to incorporate in their haircare for healthy hair. Understanding the difference between conditioning and Protein Treatment will allow you to know when you should do them and why. knowing what Deep Conditioning and Protein treatment mean will allow you to know why it is important, when to do it and how to do it.

Difference Between Deep Conditioning and Protein Treatment

Deep conditioning treatment is a treatment meant to moisturize the hair in order to keep it from being overly dry and brittle. Regular deep conditioning helps the hair to stay hydrated and moisturized. This eventually improves hair’s elasticity and improve the general health of the hair.  Because type 4 hair generally feels dry which makes it prone to breakage, it is important to keep the hair moisturized all the time. Moisturizing hair everyday and deep conditioning every week or two allows hair to stay moisturized, healthy. This reduces the hair’s susceptibility to break. Some good and cheap deep conditioners to try are; Cantu Deep Treatment masque, Shea Moisture Strength and Restore Masque.

Protein treatment is a treatment which helps to fortify and strengthen the hair. The hair is mainly made up of protein. It is only normal to feed the hair with the things that make up the hair. A protein deficient hair means an unhealthy and weak hair. A protein deficient hair can be as a result of anything ranging from bad hair habits to bad eating habits. Protein treatments helps to restore that strength back to the hair. However, too much protein can cause harm than good.

A Protein overload will cause hair to be too strong, hard and brittle. This will increase hair’s ability to break (too much of everything is bad). For this reason it is better to do this treatment once or twice a month. A good protein treatment you can try is the Ors Hair Mayonnaise Treatment. You may also make your own Protein Treatment masque using things you can find in you Kitchen eg the Egg Mask Protein Treatment or an Avocado Mask.

Deep Conditioning and Protein Treatment Products


In conclusion, these treatment are not the same and should not be used interchangeably. Deep Conditioners provide your hair with maximum nutrition and hydration whiles protein treatments provide the hair with nutrition to strengthen and repair damage.

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