September 27

4 Things You Shouldn’t do If you Have Low Porosity Hair

What is Low Porosity Hair?

Low porosity hair is hair with a tightly compact cuticle. It is hair that struggles with allowing any moisture or anything into the hair shaft however, once water or moisture is trapped inside the hair it stays locked in hence it is difficult for water to escape the hair.

Low porosity hair

4 Things You Shouldn’t Do

Don’t Skip Shampoo:  Because Low porosity hair has closed and compact cuticle, products tend to just sit on the hair and the scalp. This therefore causes product build ups on the hair (making it difficult for hair to absorb any moisture) and on the scalp causing clogged pores. Clogged pores means that the gateway for hair to grow out of the scalp has been blocked making it difficult for the hair to freely sprout out.

Don’t Skip Heat in your Deep Conditioning Routine: For Low porosity the problem isn’t about holding in moisture. The problem is how to get the moisture in. Use heat caps, plastic bags, hooded drier or steamer to help hair to absorb the products and ingredients that it needs during deep conditioning days.

Don’t use too much protein: A daily usage of products that contain protein  is not necessary. Proteins are good in helping to strengthen the hair. However, an overload of protein can cause hair to be stiff and dry.

Do not use heavy oils and butters: Oils may be classified as sealing and penetrating oils. Because Low Porosity hair does not allow anything in easily, It is important that you use oils that are lightweight so that it is easier for the the hair to absorb the oil and all its components.. You may  however get away with using thick oils if you heat up the oils before applying them to the hair.

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