September 27

How To Clean Beauty Blenders and Beauty Tools

Keeping makeup tools clean is a very important step everyone who wears makeup should take seriously. If you can wash your clothes every week why don’t you feel the need to do same to your makeup brushes and application tools.

Dirty Brushes and makeup tools can be a breeding ground for bacteria build ups. Not taking any note of this and continuously reusing these tools on your face may cause skin problems and especially cause unnecessary break outs.

Dirty Brushes and sponges can also result in a muddy application of products unto face. This is because dirty tools means working harder to blend out products to get an even and uniform finish.

There are so many products on the market for cleaning makup brushes sponges and blenders but if you are like me and want to practice the habit of cleaning your tools without spending a dime then you can use this simple solution.


Dish Soap

Oil (any type of Cooking oil or Olive Oil..its doesn’t really matter as long as its oil)

Apple Cider Vinegar (Optional)


Mix all ingredients together in a container Run the tools under water for a few seconds and dip your dirty tools in the solution.

Rub tools in your palm with your thumb and Voila your tools is clean.

Its very easy. Try it.

For proper Illustration watch my video.

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