September 27


A pre-poo is a treatment done to protect the hair against shampoo’s stripping nature on wash day. In simple terms it is an oil treatment done prior to shampooing hair.

It is very important to do this treatment before shampooing hair because it acts as a film or shield protecting your hair from the dryness due to the sulfate and other chemical ingredients contained in shampoos. Pre-pooing helps to condition and moisturise your hair even after shampoo.

Pre-pooing is very simple. You don’t need much except the oils of your choice mixed together and applied generously to the hair. It is also advisable to massage the scalp whiles doing this treatment to stimulate hair growth and help to reduce dryness of the scalp.

Due to the fact that i only massage my scalp on pre-poo days which is typically friday evenings, i try to add an essential oil to help stimulate hair growth. At the moment i use peppermint oil. Peppermint Oil is very good for hair growth because of the tingly sensation it gives to the scalp. The only disadvantage with applying peppermint oil is it may get into the eyes and cause a light burn apart from that, peppermint oil is great for hair-growth.

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