September 27


I have always been proud of my culture and will always carry it with me everywhere i go. It’s the only way i know how to be me. It’s my identity. Engraved in my heart, expressed through the clothes i wear, the colorful prints and fabrics of my country, the beads around my wrists and the welcoming smile on my face. Even though i don’t live there, Ghana lives in my heart and i am always proud to adorn my body with everything Ghanaian.

Fabric in my language is called Ntoma. The patterns in these fabrics always have some special meanings and may even communicate a persons status and state of being. The most common of Ghanaian cloth and fabric is the Kente which is worn on special occasions has also been adopted as the symbol pan-africanism.

This is a normal ntoma transferred to me by mother. She’s had it for about 10-15 years hidden somewhere when she thought she had outgrown it. When she showed me the fabric i knew i could do something nice with it and here it is, elegantly and beautifully caressing my body with life, style and subtleness.

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