September 27

Wash And G0(Pink Ecostyler Gel)

A wash n go is a staple style in every naturalistsa’s hair styling kit. It is consists of washing the hair and apply curling cream or gel to the hair strands to define the curls.

In my own personal opinion, curls come out more defined using the shingling method. However, if you don’t want the too defined curls you can do it your way.

Wash and Go is a cute hairstyle especially if you are a fun of big hair. Wash and Go’s helps to achieve that big and curly hair effect with the help of a diffuser and the concentrated nozzle tip drier to help stretch out the roots so that hair doesn’t shrink too much.

For about 3 or 4 months i  wore a wash and go. I mean literally a Wash and Go. I washed my hair added some leave in conditioner pinned the sides and i was out the door. No gel, no curling cream, no styling product and the results was disastrous. It broke my hair. My hair most of the time got intertwined with itself and so it formed knots at the ends and broke off and hence delayed my growth.

The right way to do a real wash and go is

  1. Detangle and wash hair
  2. Do not dry hair before applying the products
  3. Take a section of the hair and detangle with a brush comb starting from the tips
  4. Apply leave-in conditioner to the section
  5. Then you oil to seal the moisture and give it shine
  6. Apply curling cream/custard or gel
  7. Rake the products through your hair with your fingers
  8. Separate the big section into smaller strands smoothing each set with the fingers


  1. you can allow the hair to air dry. this means you can leave the products in your hair and allow it to dry bus itself without using a hand or hooded drier
  2. You can use a hand drier. A diffuser is most preferable. This will help reduce frizz and help you curls to maintain its definition.


  1. Pick the roots of the hair with an afro comb or
  2. Using the concentrated nail of the hand dryer take the hair and concentrated the heat on the roots of the hair to stretch it out.


I picked up the pink eco styler gel for my wash and go just to test the claims of the gel and also to play around with the different techniques of defining curls.

My first real attempt gave me a more natural looser curl definition as i used minimum gel and allowed the hair to air dry. Apart from the fact that i wanted to see how the gel was going to act in such a situation i was also a bit skeptical about using too much gel as i am really scared of crunchy hard hair. In as much as i want the curls to hold up i don’t want people touching my hair and asking too much questions about why my curls are hard and what-not as if that was even going to happen as the gel promises a 8/10 hold.

My second attempt had me using more gel again just to see how much definition i could get. Truly i got more definition than the previous. In my opinion the curl definition was also better because i also used a diffuser to dry the hair rather than allow it to air-dry.  I also realised the curl was tighter and “scrunchier”and so i had to lift and stretch out the roots with the concentrated nozzle of the hand dryer.


  • The gel left no residues in my hair so i think its ok
  • It did what it claimed; it gave my hair no hardness or crunchiness. However, it didn’t deliver on the curl and wave bit according to my expectation.

Will i purchase it again? i don’t know. I’m going to try with the other ecostyler gels and see how well they are going to work with my hair.

   1st Attempt                                       2nd Attempt



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