September 21

Nudes for Chocolate Girls

I love nudes. I love the fact that it tones down any type of make up. Which means it gives some kind of balance to a makeup and it is a great choice for an everyday makeup wear.

I might be late on a lot of make up products. Maybe because i don’t consider myself a product junkie and so i stick to the one or two products i have. I however have come to see that if i want to be a blogger and help people out then i should start being a product junkie just to bring you the best.

So let’s start with Lippies.

There are a lot of nude lipsticks out there but what exactly is a nude lipstick??

Anything nude means anything close to your skin colour. Nudes are very individual in the sense that someones nude may very well be a total disaster on another person. With that being said the best true nude for a woman of colour or dark skin woman is chocolate brown. Pinky undertoned nudes look also flattering on dark skin.

NYX cosmetics this year lunched a line of nude matte lipsticks called the NYX lip lingerie. A great concept. This is actually what it claims:”Slip into something seductive with Lip Lingerie, our new weightless liquid lipstick with a plush matte finish. Available in a range of colour-kissed nudes—from cinnamon pink and chocolate brown, to warm mahogany red and classic nude beige—each sultry shade will coat the curves of your lips with irresistibly creamy colour”.

The line comes in 12 different shades catering for all skin types. Since i am a deep brown girl i picked up three of the shades just to try it out. These shades are Beauty Mark, Teddy and Ruffle Trim and they all look amazing.

Beauty Mark and Teddy look quite similar but when swatched on the lip one can see there is a tad-bit difference. Whiles Beauty Mark is equivalent to dark chocolate, i would say Teddy has a bit of white in it hence would be comparable to milk chocolate if that makes sense. These two are absolutely gorgeous on the lip and the best part is you don’t need a lip liner.

Ruffle Trim on the other hand needs a lip liner for a person of dark skin complexion. It is lighter and has a pink undertone to it but it is absolutely gorgeous.


Price point: NYX cosmetics is known to be on the lower end hence price is relatively low. In Italy, The product retails for 8,80

Formular/Consistency: It has a mousse creamy consistency which means it doesn’t dry out lips like most matte lipsticks do.

Lasting Power: It actually does a pretty good job staying on the lips. You can pretty much get up to 6 hours of wear. If you are not drinking or eating anythings which doesn’t really happen, it can last even longer.

Range: The lip lingerie line has everyone covered. It comes in 12 shades hence there is a shade for every single person


Its tacky: The lipstick like already hinted has a moussy creamy consistency and glides on quite smoothly and doesn’t dry out completely matte. However, it feels sticky and tacky when you press your lips together. Some people don’t like that in a lipstick but honestly i don’t mind

Application: The lipstick has a long and thin doe foot applicator which means it can fit the corners of the lips and design the cupid bow. However, the size of the applicator allows for multiple application on the lips. You have to layer the product on the lips to get what you really want. I however did not have problems with layering the dark colours like Beauty Mark and Teddy. I had to go in more on Ruffle Trim as it was lighter and needed more application  to fit my taste.

Will buy it again?

Yes i would. If you can get it wherever you are i would advice you do.


Beauty Mark


Ruffle Trim

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