September 27

Red and Black Casual Combo

Most women have red as their favourite colour. How do i feel about this colour? Its a pretty colour. A passionate, intense and bold colour. It literally says “I am here”. I may not totally love this  colour but throwing in a bit of red here and there isn’t that bad. It possesses the power to revive and give colour to even the darkest of colours like black. Its no coincidence black and red work perfectly together depending on each other to either revive or tone down colours.

I love horizontal stripes. Its pretty much obvious and justifiable. Horizontal striped pattern has the power to make one look bigger and even shorter. For thin girls, horizontal stripes may be your best friend. Not the same can be said for full-bodied ladies as it may make you appear even bigger.

This look is a simple everyday lectures look. I threw on my H&M black n red top, Zara Jeans, Mango Jacket, my black boots from an Italian shop of which i do not remember the name and i was out the door ready for lectures.


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