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Ayilo aka Bentonite Clay For Clarifying Hair

Ayilo is the Ghanaian name for Bentonite clay. It is not a new product in Ghana and in most parts of Africa. In fact, clay eating in Ghana and Africa has always been very popular but what most of we Ghanaians and Africans don’t know about this clay is its detoxifying and cleansing power. Rich in minerals, Ayilo absorbs impurities and toxins trapped in hair and skin, clarifying the scalp whiles also conditioning and moisturizing the hair.

What relationship does Ayilo have with Bentonite clay? It turns out that Ayilo is actually Bentonite clay. 

Ayilo For Hair


Because we are constantly out and about, our hair inevitably collects dirt and other things we might not necessarily see. Our hair is constantly being fed with something from normal hair cream to styling gels, oils hair sprays etc. All these products leave residues on our scalp which if not regularly rinsed out may build up on the scalp and eventually slow down our hair growth process. Simply put, it is necessary to get rid of all the products we might have fed the hair with over the week. The hair should not only be washed with just water but with a cleansing and purifying shampoo. Bentonite Clay or Ayilo may not and will not lather but it cleanses and purifies the scalp like no other. It also helps to reduce dandruff.

Ayilo or Bentonite clay works as a magnet which draws out metals, chemicals, toxins and other impurities and cling them to itself. The end result is not only a clean feeling hair and scalp, it also leaves the hair feeling extra soft with well defined curls.

For Maximum Detoxification, you might want to add Apple cider Vinegar



Bentonite Clay/Ayilo


Apple cider vinegar(NB: for extra deep cleansing)

stirring tool (wooden or plastic NOT METAL or STEEL)

Bowl(plastic or ceramic NOT METAL or STEEL)


  1. If the Clay is not already crushed, do so manually till u get a fine powder out of it
  2. Pour Clay into you mixing bowl (PLASTIC) and add some water.
  3. For maximum detox you may add few spoons of Apple cider Vinegar(optional)
  4. Stir the mix with a wooden or plastic object. NOT STEEL OR METAL OBJECT
  5. Be sure to have an almost thick consistency. The mixture does not have to be too light or runny.
How to make ayilo mask


  1. Section your hair into parts
  2. Apply the clay to each section and on the scalp
  3. Leave clay in the hair for about 20-45 minutes
  4. Rinse hair and follow up with a conditioner of your choice
  5. Allow it to sit in your hair for about 5 minutes and rinse again
Ayilo used to clarify hair


Hydrated, ultra-moisturised, soft, frizz-free, suber-defined curls and  clean hair.

Results of ayilo as a shampoo

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