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Egg Mask Protein Treatment

The human hair is made up of approximately 70%-95% proteins which are basically condensation polymers of amino acids. Because hair is made of mainly of proteins, it is only normal that proteins are used to treat hair for damages that the hair might have subjected to due to harsh treatments such as chemical bleaches and dyes, chemical relaxers/alkaline straighteners, heat waves from flat irons or curlers, sunlight exposure, etc.

A Protein treatment helps to repair these damages and restore strength back to the hair. these proteins treat hair from the inside out. They penetrate the hair shaft filling any holes and tear in the hair shaft whiles creating a protective layer for the hair cuticle for stronger smoother and shinier looking hair. 

The egg mask protein treatment is one of the many treatments that can be used to repair and strengthen the hair. The main ingredients for this mask are eggs. Eggs are a huge source of proteins. In fact, an egg contains about 3.6g-6.5g of proteins. This makes conditioning hair with egg an intensive treatment. The proteins from eggs not only repair and moisturises hair but also cleanses the hair and scalp as the white of the egg is full of bacteria eating enzymes.

NB: Some people have or are protein sensitive. Such persons should use alternatives  with low protein content.



1/2 egg(s) depending on hair length

2 tbsp mayonnaise

1 tbsp honey

4 tbsp olive oil

2 tbsp water based hair conditioner(optional)

(Mayonnaise is made from eggs and nutritive oils hence adding it to the list of ingredients only means adding more proteins to the hair)


Mix  all ingredients together in a bowl and you are good to go.

(If you find the scent unpleasant you can add some lemon juice)



Step 1

Start on a freshly washed and cleansed hair to remove any build ups as a result of hair products, oils etc. I cleanse my scalp first with apple cider vinegar and wash with African Black Soap(Alata Samina). Squeeze hair to remove excess water. Place a towel on your hair to dry but do not dry completely.


Step 2

Section your hair into 4 parts and work in sections. Saturate the hair with the product and make sure to detangle or separate hair strands as you work the product into the hair.

(It can get a little messy but just keep going)


Step 3

Twist hair when you are done with the section and move to the next.


Step 4

Cover your hair with a shower cap, rubber bag when your through with all the sections and allow the egg mask to sit in your hair for about 20 minutes


Step 5

Wash egg conditioner out and apply any moisturising conditioner. Rinse hair again after some few minutes.

Step 6

Apply your light oils (olive oil or coconut oil) to seal the moisture and style as usual/preferred.


Do these protein treatments once or twice a month for overall healthy roots and hair.

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      1. Yess it does! I literally just deep conditioned with it again this past weekend. My coils popped somen serious.

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