September 27

Why is Stretching Important?

Are you amazed at how some people are able to gain so much length in their natural hair journey and you seem to be struggling with your length? The answer is simple. You are probably wearing your hair the wrong way coupled with other factors. statistics have shown that 7 out of 10 women who have long natural and kinky hair wear their hair  in stretched styles. Shrinkage is real and i can say that all type 4 hair experience shrinkage. Here i will take you through what shrinkage is and why you should stretch your hair.

What is Shrinkage?

The majority of Africans have type 4 hair. This means the hair is highly textured and has tightly coiled or spiral curl pattern. Due to such,the hair is prone to tangles which if care is not taken will eventually lead to hair breakage. It is interesting to know that during the phase where hair is short for example when a person does a big chop or has a TWA(Teeny Weeny Afro) the hair is unable to form tangles and knots easily because its unable to loop around itself. However, as the hair starts to grow and starts to become long , the ends become very prone to knot due to the nature of the hair follicles and fiber. Natural hair naturally dries easily and contains a higher keratin bond which the hair to shrink and become stiff. Shrinkage is more visible when hair is washed and allowed to dry. It is important to know that hair shrinkage in itself is not a terrible thing. In fact, shrinkage is a way  to tell if one’s hair is healthy or not. It may however pose a threat to hair growth as the hair during in a quest to curl back into itself causes the hair to loop and tie around itself resulting into single or multiple knots being created. These will not only cause the entangled hair to break off at where the knot is but can also get entangled with other strands which lead to multiple breakage and set back the length goal of a person. This is why it is important to keep the hair in a stretched styles as much as possible.

How Important is Stretching?

Stretching is one of the methods and techniques used to solve the problems of hair entangling. When the hair is stretched it is less susceptible to creating knots and it is much easier to comb through and style. There are many ways to stretch hair and there exist many stretched hairstyles that can be worn. The popular stretching techniques include African threading, single twists and braids, flat twists or cornrows, bantu knots etc. From these methods one can wear a bantu knot out or twists outs or even just twists and braids as protective stretched styles.

Normal twists


Twist out style


Remember, stretching not only helps to solve tangle issues, it cuts wash day times as the process of detangling is minimized due to the less tangles. Stretching is also a great way to retain length especially for people whose . This is because hair is not entangled, it is less prone to knots and tangles.


How to achieve a successful Twist out Video.

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