September 27

Why Is My Hair So Nappy and Dry?

A lot of people with natural hair can’t seem to understand why their hair is so dry no matter what they do to keep it soft, nice and flexible. First of all, it is important for naturals to accept that natural hair is naturally dry. There is no specific product that will change this characteristic of Afro hair. However there are ways of reducing this dryness.

Kinky or nappy hair is defined as hair that is highly textured that creates knots and tangles easily.  This type of hair is easily seen among people of African descent. Nappy hair (natural hair) is a result of 1) Follicle Shape and Size and 2) the coarse texture of hair.

According to science, straight, wavy or coily hair is strongly influenced by the TCHH (Trichohyalin) gene. This gene is responsible for determining the shape and size of the inner root sheath of the developing hair follicle of an individual. Africans tend to have a more flat and irregular shaped hair follicles which causes the hair that grows out from it to be tightly coiled and spiral.

Due to the tight coils and irregular hair shape of the strands, the hair is unable to lay flat around the cuticle surface This is what causes the hair to have a coarse texture

Why is it dry?

Even though it doesn’t look like it, Kinky hair of the black and African race produces more sebum (the natural oil that the scalp produces) o than any other ethnic groups. However, because of the irregular tightly coiled and spiral shaped e of the hair, these oils are not able to distribute evenly along the strands of hair. This combined with the coarse texture causes hair to be dry, brittle and prone to breakage.

How to reduce dryness?

Because Natural or nappy hair is naturally dry it is important for an individual to moisturise hair regularly. One basic way of moisturising hair is by using water and sealing it with a sealant such as olive oil, coconut oil and other oils. The moisturiser(water) hydrates and moisturises the hair whiles the sealant(oils) seals and locks-in the moisture at the same time nourishing the hair with the oil it lacks and giving it shine.

Remember, it is normal for natural/nappy hair to be dry but it can be reduced with regular moisturising.

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  1. I found out the hard way, but now I’m much better with moisturizing my hair & I see a good difference. Thanks for sharing!

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