September 27

4 easy ways of restyling those twist outs

Being natural is beautiful. More beautiful is the ease of tranistioning from one look to the other thanks to bobby pins and elastic bands. Being natural requires patience and dedication. It may be time consuming but its worth every minute.

For most naturals, twist outs are always a winner and go-to hairstyle. They may  not always turn out to be perfect but with the right products and twisting technique a great result can be achieved.In General, these twist outs looks cute and beautiful  for the first 3 days however, it begins to dry out and the curl definition begins to disappear as the days go by. It is therefore necessary to look for substitute hairstyles whiles still building on the foundation of the old twist twist out.

Creating new hairstyles from another hairstyle doesnt require a lot of expertise rather some bobby pins, elastics bands, some gel and some hands to play around the hair. Personally, i may wear my twist out down for a  maximum of 3 days and switch it up for the subsequent days.

My 3 day old almost lifeless twist outC360_2016-08-16-15-27-08-081

Restyling 1: The messy mohawk.

take sides of the hair and loosely sweep to the back of the hair securing with bobby pins.


Restyling 2: heavy side bang and low bun:

sweep front hair to the side and secure with bobby pins. Take the remaining hair behind and tie into a low bun using an elastic band


Restyling 3: The bump:

Maintain same low bun. Take the front part of the hair and create the bump. secure with a bobby pin.


Restyling  4:  The puff


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