September 27

My hair my Canvas

People say all i do is talk about hair, well i can’t deny it because that’s what i do for the most part. I am not obsessed, i am only in love with with my hair and with all that it presents. It is beautiful and when you spice it up with the beautiful colours of styling techniques it looks even better. I love that my twists somehow frees itself to be worn as a twist out which still can gloriously and beautifully be mounted as a high puff spicing and sprinkling a bit of gel around its happy edges.

When they ask how long does it take to create all these beautiful work, i say no time at all. I’m just fortunate to have a rich raw material and with a drop of water-oil mix, a dash of elastics bands, a pinch of bobby pins i am good to go.

Sometimes they say your hair is strange, it feels different. My thoughts? it may feel different but it definitely isn’t strange. Just as an asian has straight hair, a ¬†european straight and wavy, i am packaged with a tightly coiled and curled hair so it certainly ain’t strange. i love it will keep loving and switching it up.


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