September 27

Short hair: Attractive or not?

I started my natural journey about a year and some months ago and i have not regretted ever since. I have loved every single stage of the journey. I must confess that i was quite skeptical about cutting all of my hair. Growing up in the community and culture i was born into, short hair was always looked down upon. Long hair was considered more beautiful and i feared moving away from my long hair(my comfort area) to the short hair(the unknown). My best option was transitioning in order to grow out my roots before i big chopped. It was a FAIL!. I relaxed my hair after one year of my transitioning attempt.

The misconception about short hair has always been that there’s nothing one can really do with and to it in terms of styling.This is totally a misconception however, there’s definitely no smoke without fire. In my transitioning phase, I noticed that most if not all the people i knew and saw who had recently gone natural had a way of keeping their hair which was nothing to write home about. It was as if the way they kept and styled their hair was not their choice rather, a prescribed way of wearing their hair. It was as if having natural hair equalled super dry, messy and clumped up hair. It was simply unattractive. The negative comments people made about natural hair was justifiable. Their comments was but a representation of what they had seen and so i was motivated to let them know natural hair or hair in general could be and is in fact beautiful. One just needs to treat it nice.

Short hair is beautiful, natural hair is beautiful and though it might be a little bit of an attention seeker, the pay offs are tempting hence, love your hair whether short or long and love taking care of it. Remember, the way you choose to wear your hair leaves creates an impression of you. Good or bad, it all depends on you.

One of my favorite styles when i had my TWA


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